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Chocolate cake a la Cris (Tort de ciocolata a la Cris)

Execution time and complexity: 1h, 30min (average complexity)

Chocolate cake a la Cris Ingredients

Ingredients: -160 grams butter-leaf-juice and zest from 1 / 2 lemon-chocolate-eggs 100 gr - 6 pcs Sugar - 200gr-Rusks - 4 tablespoons vanilla sugar-Rom Cream Eggs - 3 pcs Sugar - 200 gr-Butter - 200 grams-Chocolate - 100g-Vanilla

Chocolate cake a la Cris Preparation

Cooking: Rub the butter until foam comes out, add yolks, still rubbing. Mix melted chocolate over low heat with water, then lemon juice and zest, bread crumbs and whipped egg whites. The whole composition is poured into a shaped cake flour wallpaper, which is inserted in the oven and bake on low heat. After baking remove the dough and leave to cool, then cut horizontally into two and stop the tops with sugar syrup and rum dough after it has been well insiropat fill with cream next. Rub the butter until creamy foam reaches. Beat eggs with sugar to a simmer, until they heat up well, and sugar has melted, set aside and leave to cool vessel composition. Mix then with butter, melted and spoiled with a little water on the stove and cool. Add vanilla. Brush tops with cream (with some cream) and the rest is cake dress. Over cream with marzipan can be ornamental, cocoa etc.


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