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Cake with burnt sugar cream (Tort cu crema de zahar ars)

Complexity and execution time: 30 min (p (less complex)

Cake with burnt sugar cream Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 package cake (top); 1pahar sugar, 2 cups sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, vanilla, (optional)

Cake with burnt sugar cream Preparation

Cooking: Boil milk with half cup sugar until thick as cream. The other half cup of sugar is burned up and immediately begins to foam the milk resulting amestecacu cream and sugar. The rub is good and has cooled slightly add a tablespoon of butter top. Add the vanilla (optional) The other cup sugar burn until the liquid form (syrup is made) and insiropeaza leaf (measured). Sheet cake filled with cream and garnish it with the caramelized sugar. (Or other decorations)


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