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Tochitura Oltenian (Tochitura Olteneasca)

Execution time and complexity: 1 h (low complexity)

Tochitura Oltenian Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 kg leg of pork, smoked bacon 200g, 300 g mushrooms, 2 bell peppers, 3 onions, 300 ml tomato juice, 1 clove garlic, 100 ml oil, pepper, salt.

Tochitura Oltenian Preparation

Cooking: wash your pulp and diced pork, chicken fried it in a pan with oil. Once browned, add sliced ​​smoked bacon and Julien even leave the pan on fire another 3 minutes. Clean and wash the mushrooms, onion and green pepper. Tai onions chopped, diced peppers and mushrooms and put them over the meat and bacon. After you have quality vegetables, pour tomato juice, more leave 10 minutes at medium heat, then add chopped garlic, pepper and salt to taste. Serve with a tochitura steaming polenta.


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