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Teufelssoe with white wine Recipe

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Recipe Ingredients for Teufelssoe with white wine

Teufelssoe with white wine ingredients:

0 13 l
White wine 10 pc
white peppercorns, crushed fine 2 pcs
Shallots 2 tsp
Tomato paste 1 / 4 liter
Water 1 Pk
Gravy 1 tsp
Fat something
Cayenne pepper or hot paprika

Teufelssoe with white wine Recipe Directions

Teufelssoe with white wine preparation:

Add the white wine, shallots, peppercorns and let simmer. The tomato sauce powder with water and stir, add and boil while stirring once.

Refine the sauce with butter or margarine and last season to taste with spicy cayenne pepper.

Mainly used for grills, steaks, kebabs and pasta at all.


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