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Kale soup with chicken (Supa de gulii cu pui)

Execution time and complexity: an hour and j (medium complexity)

Kale soup with chicken Ingredients

Ingredients: For soup 3l: an onion, two carrots a parsley, three kale, a little oil, salt, pepper, parsley, a little lemon juice or {Hellas], vegetables and 100 ml cream and of course chicken can be: neck, wings, back.

Kale soup with chicken Preparation

Cooking: In soup pot where we pour oil, add onion, carrot, parsley [root], okra all washed, cleaned and chopped into cubes according to high. Calima them over low heat. After ten minutes you can add chicken cleaned and cut, leaving twenty minutes longer and add water to make soup, how much, salt, pepper and let boil about 40 minutes. Add the chopped parsley, vegetation, lemon juice, to tinker with cream.


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