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Spicy sauce Recipe

Spicy sauce , Spicy sauce ingredients , Spicy sauce preparation,Spicy sauce recipe

Spicy sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Spicy sauce

Spicy sauce ingredients:

2 1 / 2 liters Brown sauce
60 g Lard
120 grams Flour
60 g Bacon
50 g Onions
100 grams Carrots
50 g Celery
1 Bl Laurel
some Thyme
some Parsley
5 St Peppercorns
60 g Tomato paste
0 13 l
Red wine 30 grams
Butter something
Salt something
Sugar something

Spicy sauce Recipe Directions

Spicy sauce preparation:

From fat and 90 grams of flour to prepare a darker roux, pour in 1 / 2 liter of cold broth and stir into a smooth sauce beigie├čen, then another 1 1 / 2 liters of sauce and cook for about 1 hour. Stir the sauce from time to time, degrease and defoaming. Cut the bacon into small cubes, omit, add the chopped seasoning vegetables, finely chopped onions and fry everything together.

The braised vegetables, finely chopped parsley and the spices go into the sauce. Add the remaining flour in a dry frying pan, can pour a little sauce cooled off, boil and then also to give the sauce. The sauce cook for 1 hour and then remove the vegetables through a fine sieve, stir in tomato paste, red wine and brown sauce and the rest for so long with the occasional stir and cook until the sauce has boiled down to 1 liter. The defoamed, filter defatted sauce through a napkin and allow to cool with the occasional stir. If the surface of the sauce sprinkled with melted butter and the sauce is cold, it keeps for 2-3 days. Season to taste before further use of the sauce with salt, sugar and pepper.


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