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Simple inexpensive turkey Fund Recipe

Simple inexpensive turkey Fund

Recipe Ingredients for Simple inexpensive turkey Fund

1 pc Turkey thigh
100 grams freeze-dried greens

Simple inexpensive turkey Fund Recipe Directions

Remove turkey from the first leg of the upper skin. Then the individual segments of meat with a sharp, pointed knife to separate the skins and tendons.

Of the various segments of the meat and fat cut off all sinewy and gristly.

The remaining meat from the bones dissolve. The bone with the cleaver chopping through at least once.

Place in a large pot with the skin on the inside of the pot. Turn on the stove and heat until the skin until the fat runs out and the skin begins to curl up and visibly loses volume.

Then add the remaining sections and ParĂ¼s and fry for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally be continued. Then sprinkle everything with so much water until everything is covered and simmer very gently for 3 hours leave.

If necessary a little water or white wine remains refill. Then add the bouquet garni and let all boil up once. Even now, top up if necessary once again of water and simmer very gently for another 45 minutes or leave.

Then filter out everything through a fine sieve. Now the stock and allow to cool or freeze portions in small canning jars with twist-off.


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