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Stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables and mushrooms (Sarmalute cu legume si ciuperci)

Execution time and complexity: 4 hours (high complexity)

Stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables and mushrooms Ingredients

Ingredients: For the filling: - 1 kg fresh mushrooms - 5 large carrots - 2 parsnips - 5 medium onions - 1 root parsley - 1 bunch parsley - 1 small celery root - 1 cup rice - 200 ml oil - salt, pepper - 500 ml water sheet: - 2 medium pickled cabbages; For the sauce: - 2 tablespoons tomato sauce - 1 cup of cabbage soup - water

Stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables and mushrooms Preparation

Cooking: 1. Cabbage leaves are chosen and cut about 50 sheets, 2. Prepare vegetables for stuffing - clean, then cut small onion, carrots and other root is given on the grater, rinse the rice, peel and cut the mushrooms into small pieces, 3. Place in a pan and heat the oil, add onion, fry a little, then add mushrooms cut and simmer 15 minutes stirring continuously, add the grated root vegetables data and continue boiling until the ingredients soften, 4 . Add the rice and 500 ml water and let boil until tender rice half 5. Remove from heat, let cool, add chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste 6. Cabbage leaves filled with stuffing, place the bowl in which chopped cabbage in bottom first, cover and top with shredded cabbage, place the cabbage soup, broth and water enough to cover sarmalutele 7. Boil 2:00 to 2:00 and a half, until sprouts are tender, taking care to complete as water. Enjoy your meal!


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