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Summer Salad (Salata de vara)

Execution time and complexity: 25-30 min (low complexity)

Summer Salad Ingredients

Ingredients: 3 apricots, 2 small bananas, raspberries and cherries (as desired), 4 small ice cubes, frozen waffles a little lemon and vanilla 2

Summer Salad Preparation

Cooking: In a bowl right size little squeeze lemon, then cut all fruit. Place bananas and apricots in a bowl, sour cherries and raspberries and put in another vessel (purple can be seeded or seedless). Squeeze some lemon over them. Take the bowl from the refrigerator and put four ice cubes. The peel and ice cream cone and cut the slices. Then pour out all the stuffing in the bowl from the refrigerator and put ice cream. If you put the entire cone remained in his salad. Hope you enjoy! To enjoy dessert in peace!


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