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Beetroot salad with horseradish (Salata de sfecla rosie cu hrean)

Execution time and complexity: cca.3 hours (low complexity)

Beetroot salad with horseradish Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 kg beetroot three largest roots of horseradish vinegar Zaha iodized salt

Beetroot salad with horseradish Preparation

Cooking: Wash beets well and place in baking in the oven. When skin is softened and slightly cocanta, beets are baked. I'll leave about 2:00. Once cooled, shave the small grated and mixed with grated horseradish, salt to taste, vinegar and sugar, just taste. Sugar is put option, if not sufficiently baked sefcla, mature (dark red). Put in jars and seal serves as the steaks, omelettes,


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