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Wire in vine leaves (SARMALE IN FOI DE VITA)

Complexity and execution time: 2.5 hours (medium complexity)

Wire in vine leaves Ingredients

Ingredients: 1kg minced meat (pork or beef), salt and pepper to taste 1 cup rice, 1 tablespoon of mild, bay leaves, peppercorns, 200 g bacon or bacon, 1 cup broth, 150 g fat white sheets vine, 1 egg, 1 large chopped sweet white cabbage, 1 l soup, sour cream

Wire in vine leaves Preparation

Cooking: meat is mixed with salt, pepper, delicate egg and cup of rice. The vine leaf scald and strain through a sieve. With a spoon bulgarasi meat are wrapped in sheets that vine. In a pan put oil 200 ml chopped cabbage sprinkled over that, over this layer of cabbage sarmalutele sits in a circle. The void formed is filled with chopped cabbage, pepper, bacon, cream and bay leaves. Then add the chopped cabbage in the remaining layers, bay, bulgarasi low fat, broth, pepper. At the end pour over ingredients for soup and water quantity as to cover less. Boil 45-60 minutes until the meat was cooked. Serve warm with cream and polenta. Enjoy your meal!


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