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Roasted potatoes with salami Recipe

Roasted potatoes with salami

Recipe Ingredients for Roasted potatoes with salami

500 grams Potatoes, waxy variety
80 grams Salami, sliced ​​a little thicker
80 grams Salami slices
some Smoked Salt
some Pepper, white, broken
some Nutmeg, freshly grated
some yellow mustard flour

Roasted potatoes with salami Recipe Directions

Peel potatoes, wash and cut into slices. Pat dry on kitchen paper.

The thick-cut salami in a large pan and fry for so long to let the pan bottom is covered with the sausage fat. Then remove the sausage and discard.

Now the potato slices in the fat and fry on both sides. Then turn the temperature down and even let schnurgeln.

Shortly before the end of cooking stir in the remaining salami, cut into cubes and season to taste with piquant spices.


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