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Dobrogea cheese pie (Placinta de branza dobrogeana)

Execution time and complexity: 1hr and 15 (low complexity)

Dobrogea cheese pie Ingredients

Ingredients: 750g cottage cheese 750g yoghurt 300g sugar 12 eggs essence of rum, vanilla and zest from one lemon 1 package pie sheets

Dobrogea cheese pie Preparation

Cooking: It broke the cheese into small pieces, then add 300g of yoghurt and all sugar. The add rum, vanilla and lemon peel, 6 whole eggs and beat well with a fork composition. Be careful not broke all the cheese. A high tray well with oil and grease the bottom and walls and extends the first sheet of pie. Above it lies a layer of cheese composition. Drizzle with a little oil (few drops). Then over cheese layer is placed next piece of pie and continue so until the end composition of cheese ending with a piece of pie. Beat 6 eggs with remaining last yogurt and pour over pie. Let it already heated oven and bake 30-40min on low heat. When well browned remove it from the cup Tor cut into pieces and powdered with powdered sugar. Serve hot and cold but is very good.


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