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Piftele (or pudding) of nettles (Piftele (sau budinca) din urzici)

Execution time and complexity: 20-30 min (low complexity)

Piftele (or pudding) of nettles Ingredients

Ingredients: About 800 g fresh nettles (a bag), 2-3 eggs, 2-3 onions, 2-3 slices bread, garlic, salt, spices, flour, oil

Piftele (or pudding) of nettles Preparation

Cooking: Peel, wash and boil gently nettles in water. Strain the juice, or better, squeeze the hand. Give the meat grinder along with onion and finally, 2-3 slices of bread. The composition is thoroughly mixed with the eggs and add garlic, salt and spices to taste. If nettles were well drained, can be formed easily piftele that give the flour and brown in oil in pan over low heat. If you get a softer composition, give it to the oven until the pudding to swell and form a golden crust. The recipe is simple, fast enough and wants very "elastic" depending on the ingredients, quantities and your preferences


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