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Stuffed lamb breast (Piept de miel umplut)

Execution time and complexity: 2 hours (medium complexity)

Stuffed lamb breast Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 dried onions, 1-2 green onions links, 300 g meat (lamb, pork, veal or chicken), organs from a lamb, 2 boiled eggs, 2 raw eggs, 1 bunch green dill, 1 tie. parsley, salt and pepper, a breast of lamb (costitele with chops and all)

Stuffed lamb breast Preparation

Cooking: 100 g dry onion and about 3 spring onions and finely chop calesc oil. Then add the pieces of meat, cut into small pieces lungs, kidneys and cut them and salt and pepper to taste. Cook over low heat until the water drops leaves. After they cool, pass through the grinder, along with raw liver and who wants to add 100 g loaf soaked and drained of water. The chop is cooked and add 2-3 eggs ground, dill, parsley, chopped them and mixed with two raw eggs. With this composition is a fill-slopes above costitelor skin, which breaks with the hand and form a kind of bag intrecostite skin. The skin rib stitch after filling was placed. Enter a enameled pan, greased well with oil in oven infierbintat well for 30 minutes. The fire is reduced further and bake 60-90 minutes, until crust is browned on top. Now and then drizzle with sauce from the pan, which with water or 1 / 2 cup wine when the sauce reduces. Potatoes can be served hot or cold with radishes and green onions.


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