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Marinated fishes (Pestisori marinati)

Execution time and complexity: 3 days (average complexity)

Marinated fishes Ingredients

Ingredients: - 5 kg fishes freshwater or saltwater - 2 liters of wine vinegar - 2 liters of water - 400 g salt - 1 l oil - laurel - pepper;

Marinated fishes Preparation

Cooking: 1. Clean the intestines fishes, scales and cut and heads if you want, 2. Wash in plenty of water and let drain, 3. Prepare a brine of 2 l water and 400 g salt are introduced fishes and leave at least 24 hours, 4. After 24 hours remove, rinse again, drain, place in bowl and pour vinegar over them, still leave here more than 24 hours depending on how sour you want to be 5. Remove from the vinegar, place in jars with bay leaves and peppercorns, close tightly and store in pantry. Enjoy your meal! Note: can be used alone or in the preparation of fish with vegetable salad.


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