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Pate of chicken liver (Pate din ficatei de pui)

Execution time and complexity: 1 h (low complexity)

Pate of chicken liver Ingredients

Ingredients: - 250g fresh chicken liver - 1 carrot - 1 parsnip - 1 root parsley - a medium sized onion - 100 g butter - salt and pepper;

Pate of chicken liver Preparation

Cooking: 1. Place the cooked livers and bring to the boil 5 minutes, then discard water, rinse livers and put back to boil. 2. After 10 minutes, add vegetables cleaned and cut into quarters. 3. Longer let boil 20 minutes, trying to see if cooked vegetables. 4. Stop the heat and let cool slightly, then drain the juice and passes well. 5. Add butter, salt and pepper and mix a little longer. 6. If too thick add a little bit of juice to boil, because the cooling hard again. Enjoy your meal!


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