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Pepper paste for soups, stews, steak, rice (Pasta de ardei pentru ciorbe,tocanita,friptura,pilaf)

Complexity and execution time: 4-5 hours (less complex)

Pepper paste for soups, stews, steak, rice Ingredients

Ingredients: 5 KG.ardei or bell pepper or red deer Cornu (can be a little green) 1 / 2 L.ulei salt a dish with parsley cut deep salicylic acid

Pepper paste for soups, stews, steak, rice Preparation

Cooking: Wash peppers, peel the tabs and seeds, grind and fry till oil leaves the oil imreuna above (3:00), put salt to feel better, and eventually leaves parunjel. and salicylate (can be bought at the pharmacy) Borcanelele INTRODUCTION wash well and little oven to warm up (sterilize). Borcanelele fill (small) and close with lids or cellophane. Are given in dunz an hour. It is used in soups, stews, steak, rice, cabbage.


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