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Potato Bread house (Paine de casa cu cartofi)

Complexity and execution time: 2.5 hours (medium complexity)

Potato Bread house Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 kg white flour, 1 kg potato, 100 g dry yeast, 100 ml oil, sugar, salt, warm water

Potato Bread house Preparation

Cooking: Boil one kg of white potatoes? N shell? Is clean? T? and after? what r? Cesc is giving the site? or grinders. Take two? kg f? in? and place? into a trough? or basin, is the middle one ad? ncitur? where to put 100 g of granulated yeast? done? Maya and raised?, potatoes, a tablespoon? salt, one sugar? r and a cup? Oil and fr? m? nt? with water? warm? (About 300-400 ml), p? N? dough detaches easily on me? n?. Put in place c? Heat the dough about a half? Tits or?. Are two? p? INIS round is cresteaza over the middle and put in oven? ncins the tray? press? rate? with f? in?. After? 5-10 minutes, c? When it sees the dough has risen, reduce heat to fit. After? about 45-50 minutes out, brush top with water? boiled? and wrapped in p? for tourists. about one hour


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