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Execution time and complexity: 1 H30 min (medium complexity)

FINA COOKIE Ingredients

Ingredients: FOR PANDISPAN: 4 eggs 150 g sugar 200 g flour one teaspoon baking soda off Cream, 130 g ground walnuts 1-2 tablespoons margarine tipped spoon rum essence 50 ml cocoa 150 ml sugar syrup burned, boiled and cooled jam package cream apricot

FINA COOKIE Preparation

Cooking: PANDISPANUL The eggs with the sugar mix and beat well and add flour in baking soda and then rain. Composition targets put a rectangular tray (L 33 cm - L 21 cm) greased and wallpaper with flour and bake on low heat. PNDISPANUL baked and cooled cut along the junatate. The above are split into a bowl is placed over the syrup, rum essence, cocoa nuts, margarine and mix well. Over the remaining dough spreads a thin layer of apricot jam over which lies above composition and another layer of whipped cream. Grate chocolate or coconut on top.


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