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Complexity and execution time: 1 hour (medium complexity)

WALNUT COOKIE final Ingredients

Ingredients: 9 eggs 500 gr. sugar 300 gr. ground nut flour 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 packet frame

WALNUT COOKIE final Preparation

Cooking: Separate albusele yellow. Beat albusele foam. After the foam has hardened gradually add 300 gr. sugar and beating foam to melt sugar, add nuts and api 3 tablespoons flour. Grease the back of a tray suitable size, with oil, then place a sheet of white paper and greased it with oil and flour wallpaper. The composition is divided into three. Take the first half and spread evenly with a knife on the back tray ready. Bring the appropriate hot oven about 10 min. After the sheet cake from the oven out immediately remove the paper. Just bake another 2 sheets. CREAM The 9 yellow, boil the water bath with 200 gr. sugar until thick. Cool. Butter or margarine are rubbing against the foam, and mix with cream yellow trptat. Grease sheets cream, grease and the top sheet with a little cream over which sprinkle ground nuts (stops than on top). Cut the next day. It is delicious.


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