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Complexity and execution time: 40 min (low complexity)

PASTA_SHOCK Ingredients

Ingredients: pasta of any kind, 1 can mushrooms, ham or sausage 200gr, or cascavalcat much cheese you want, 1 green pepper, 50 g olives, green onions 2 wire, 1-2fire green garlic, tomato paste 3linguri (sau3 peeled ), 2 eggs and a little milk (2linguri) patrujel 1legatura green ... and spices to your preference ...

PASTA_SHOCK Preparation

Cooking: Boil pasta. . . , Drain the water oil a bowl (or pan) with oil and pasta place, clean and chop the onion and garlic and a cratiata calesc with a little oil then add the mushrooms with chopped and they chopped green pepper , then add bacon (sausage) May calesc all chopped cubes to mix a bit all season (Vegeta, salt, pepper, thyme, basil... etc). . . Add the tomatoes to melt over all that (. or tomato paste). This sauce is poured over pasta, cheese or cheese is then laughs, beat eggs with milk. lies above. . sits olives chopped parsley and place the oven at high heat 20 minutes or until crust is golden. . . Serve hot with sweet cravings and good wine red or white. Enjoy your meal !!!!!!!!!!


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