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Romanian Eggs (Oua romanesti)

Complexity and execution time: 25 minutes (low complexity)

Romanian Eggs Ingredients

Ingredients: 3 eggs, salt, pepper, ISMA (mint) 2 onions, broth, butter (fat as possible)

Romanian Eggs Preparation

Cooking: Boil eggs in water with salt to taste, place onions in quality (cleaned and washed beforehand) in a pan greased with butter fat beforehand; After aureste onions, add broth and pepper and longer cook for 2 minutes (Warning: do not add to quality inainde broth, golden onion, because there will be no quality, but will strengthen and will catch a bad taste!). Once you have extinguished the fire, add the ISMA (mint) for a fresh and rich taste. Remember, the eggs! They should be boiled for 3 minutes-soft-for 5 min. tapes and 10 minutes for eggs countries. PRESENTATION TIP: add (in plate) over onions Enjoy your meal!


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