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Omelet of the MVS ' (Omleta a la mvs')

Execution time and complexity: 10-15 Minu (low complexity)

Omelet of the MVS ' Ingredients

Ingredients: 3oua, 2 slices cheese, 1 teaspoon corn flour, 1 slice bread crumb, a piece of grated cheese, salt, pepper, dill or frozen green

Omelet of the MVS ' Preparation

Cooking: Take a large plate with muzzle break 2 or 3 eggs, stir, put pepper and salt to taste. In another bowl mix cheese with shaved banzai race and a teaspoon of corn. Bread are split and put over well beaten eggs plate with and mix. Pour over plate continutu bowl in which beaten eggs and mix. Add dill. Content already obtained mix well. . . and put in a pan with hot oil! Enjoy your meal!


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