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Eye of Elephant (Ochi de elefant)

Execution time and complexity (low complexity)

Eye of Elephant Ingredients

Ingredients: Eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, rum essence, butter, milk, bananas.

Eye of Elephant Preparation

Cooking: dough: 3OUA 3LINGURI WITH SUGAR, FLOUR 3LINGURI, baking powder. Rub yellow. Sugar, add 100 ml of water, half of which, SO 50 ML, mix the baking powder dissolved in water and Putin HELAS. AND THEN add flour whipped egg whites. Bake and remove from the tray and Run little when PT's hot. To form FORM Rolls. CREAM: A cup sugar Melt 100g WITH BUTTER. WHEN boils, add three tablespoons flour, SE simmer, then place a cup of milk or water, essences of rum. Place the cream on the bed, and two bananas Run, and put icing.


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