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A re? Et? old roast? Combined (O re?et? veche de Friptur? Combinat)

Execution time and complexity: 5:00? Nc (medium complexity)

A re? Et? old roast? Combined Ingredients

Ingredients: Dough for. meatballs: VIT meat? for 50% chopped, pork-mm-, 50% g? lbenu? s egg donated? s b? tutelage of foam? p? contains dipped? ? N milk, more garlic, p? Trunjel, onions? pr? JIT?; SAE? and pepper after? taste all these ingredients make a dough as for cutlets. slices mu? chi, VR? bioare, meatloaf, steak or just one of these c? rnuri for steak?.

A re? Et? old roast? Combined Preparation

Cooking: For a steak? succeed? it? ? And very gustoas? is prefer? use? him OAL? p? m? nt (crate?). It has? Eaz? a layer of sliced ​​meat, a layer of heels? shift. . . , P? N? fill the crate? a. Among the layers are pressed? pinch of thyme, bay leaves, pepper. Slices of meat and meat? Support?. NDA everything was arranged? N crate? pour? Fri ro? up? n? above. Then cover?, Paste? Cover? I enter? It in the oven (it can put on the stove?).


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