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Mutton slices with marinade Recipe

Mutton slices with marinade

Recipe Ingredients for Mutton slices with marinade

4 Schb Mutton leg meat
1 / 4 liter Red wine
1 / 4 liter Wine vinegar diluted
1 large Onion
2nd Garlic cloves 200 grams
Gräucherter bacon 1 bunch
Vegetable soup 1st Tomato
200 ml Calvados
1 tbsp Butter

Mutton slices with marinade Recipe Directions

Making red wine, wine vinegar, salt, pepper, herbs, chopped onion and crushed garlic with a marinade. This let the mutton slices at least one day.

Interpret the Roman pot with thin slices of bacon. Then add the meat and the chopped vegetables and the tomato soup. Cover with a thin layer of fat.

The marinade happen, give a cup of liquid to the meat and the whole thing with the Calvados over them. Roast at 220 degrees for about 150 minutes in the oven.

Before serving, season to taste with salt and pepper and round off with a little butter. Possibly. extended with a little flour and other liquid marinade to the sauce.

Serve with potato croquettes are sufficient.


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