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Eating beans with smoked sausage (or cabins) (Mancarica de fasole cu carnati afumati (sau cabanos))

Execution time and complexity (low complexity)

Eating beans with smoked sausage (or cabins) Ingredients

Ingredients: 500 g dried white beans, 1 branch of rosemary, salt, 500 g peeled tomatoes (canned) 3 cloves garlic, 5 tablespoons oil, 4 threads of dried sage, black pepper, a piece of smoked sausage or sausages cut pieces (you can put salami and summer, cut into thin slices). (For 4-6 servings)

Eating beans with smoked sausage (or cabins) Preparation

Cooking: Place the soaked beans in cold water the night before. A two day old water change and put to boil with 1 liter of clean water, the thread of rosemary and half a tablespoon of salt. Boil an hour and a half on low heat. Strain beans. If tomatoes are fresh, the scald, peel the skin and cut into small quarters, if whole tomatoes, peeled, canned, cut according to their size (usually, are oblong and small). Peel garlic and cut into slices. Heat oil to a large saucepan. In it is calesc chopped garlic and sage leaves (found in Plafar). Add the tomatoes and short calesc. Add the drained beans, add salt, pepper, mix well with tomatoes. Serve with chunks of meat, sausages or salami slices fried in little oil short. Who likes, he can add vinegar over.


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