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Eggs as at home mom (my recipe) (Icre ca la mama acasa (reteta mea))

Complexity and execution time: 10 minutes (low complexity)

Eggs as at home mom (my recipe) Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 large spoon of oil or something perch eggs (more than half a kg), lemon, milk (pound) 1 onion, 4 tablespoons semolina, parsley for garnish ...

Eggs as at home mom (my recipe) Preparation

Cooking: Place on the stove, pound milk 4 tablespoons semolina semolina and stir until edges separates after the skillet. Stir constantly does not stick. When polenta is a set aside to cool. . . In blender, place the semolina 1 tablespoon sea eggs and mix, gradually adding oil, and milk that is also put to whiten a bit, lemon and onion finely chopped end. . . (!!!! Eggs must be suitable, not soft lemon!). Garnish with parsley!


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