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Roast pork in pan (Friptura de porc la tava)

Complexity and execution time: 35 min (low complexity)

Roast pork in pan Ingredients

Ingredients: pork pieces 7-8 carrots, Brussels sprouts apple onion pepper, salt, bay leaves, 1 cup red wine, water, thyme, paprika, bay leaf oil, or grease, pork (by preference)

Roast pork in pan Preparation

Cooking: meat cut slices, season with salt, pepper, vegetation, paprika and place in pan and bake. Add a cup of water, and then sits among the pieces of meat sliced ​​apples, carrots, onions and Brussels sprouts. Place a tablespoon of oil or grease over pork. After starting to penetrate, put a cup of red wine, bay leaf and thyme.


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