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Fond of venison and wild fowl Recipe

Fond of venison and wild fowl

Recipe Ingredients for Fond of venison and wild fowl

1 1 / 2 kg Wild bones (eg quail bones and / or Rehknochen)
2 tbsp Oil
150 grams Onions
60 g Carrots
40 g Celery
50 g Tomato paste
200 ml Red wine
2500 ml Water
1 Bl Laurel
1 pc Clove
10 pc Juniper berries
10 pc Peppercorns
6 St Allspice
1 zw dried thyme

Fond of venison and wild fowl Recipe Directions

Chop or crush the bones with meat tenderizer and brown in a large pot in oil on all sides. Add the chopped vegetables and sauté 5-8 minutes. Pour off the fat, stir in tomato paste and fry well. Now is always something to pour wine and water and let boil. Cover after the last boiling the bones with the remaining cold water, bring to a boil again and skim. The spices and herbs and simmer over low heat about 2.5 hours. Strain through a sieve, which you can also line it with a cotton cloth, and if necessary degrease (preferably with a Entfettungskanne;. If no can is available, one may cool the rear and lift off the solidified fat above In this case, the fund are then heated again). If desired, the fund can be further reduce. The fund can be frozen in plastic jars and stored for several months is a very good base for any sauce for wild game or wild fowl. When boiled down to the rear until thick liquid, you get a wonderful reduction, with the sauce can be any refine quickly.


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