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Finger food bowls for salads etc Recipe

Finger food bowls for salads etc

Recipe Ingredients for Finger food bowls for salads etc

12 Schb Toast
1 / 4 St Garlic
1 tbsp Rapeseed oil

Finger food bowls for salads etc Recipe Directions

Toast the slices of rind from the rolling pin and roll with very flat. Then in the wells of a muffin tin and set some push.

The garlic very finely and mix with the oil. Then it spread the toast in the oven at 175 ° C as long bake until the tops of the bread bowls are very well browned.

Then take the bowl from the mold and cooled with salads, etc. . fill

Fill just before serving. The bowl soften after some time. It is helpful to put in another Backoblate the bowl before salads are filled. Then it takes longer with the soaking :-) p>


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