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Dessert (Desert)

Execution time and complexity: 45min. (Low complexity)

Dessert Ingredients

Ingredients: (6portii): 200gr. Madlen simple (of trade), 600gr. compote of cherries, 500gr. vanilla cream, 400gr. whipped cream, 1lingura of brown sugar, 75ml. vişinată, the vanilla cream: vanilla pudding and 500ml 2. milk;

Dessert Preparation

Cooking: In a bowl deep glass suitable for the desert, sit madlenele crushed. Drain the juice 1 jar of cherry compote and keep the liquid away. Remove pits fruit and sprinkle fruit over Madeleine. Mix 75ml. juice from stewed with 75ml. sprinkle cherries and fruit bowl. Prepare vanilla pudding, observing the directions on the envelopes. Allow to cool and pour over fruit. The foam and pour batter over cream pudding. The smooth surface and sprinkle brown sugar. Keep the dessert in the refrigerator for 2 3 hours from the front on serve. It is better if you prepare dessert the night before and leave overnight to cool for Madeleine layer to absorb liquid alcohol completely.


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