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Cake from my grandmother (Cozonac de la bunica mea)

Execution time and complexity:? (Medium complexity)

Cake from my grandmother Ingredients

Ingredients: 1kg flour, 1? l milk 400g sugar 1 teaspoon salt 4 eggs yolks 300g fat (mixture of butter, lard and oil) 50g yeast vanilla rum lemon peel

Cake from my grandmother Preparation

Cooking: 1 kg flour sifted put in bowl, is made hollow in the middle which is poured a little milk to dissolve the yeast with a little sugar 50g. Knead, mass beat until dough forms bubbles. Let up. Add 4 yolks increased in yeast. (Maya), then add? it heats milk + 400g sugar lemon peel pefoc + 1 teaspoon salt + vanilla, of course after it cooler. It incorporates 300 grams fat slowly pour hot. Knead the dough leaves a raised stage. Grease dough trays then stretches and add stuffing cooked in milk with nuts, raisins, cocoa, or Mac or shit? roll is placed in trays and phase 2 is increased. Coat with egg yolk on top and add the mac is put in hot oven in advance. Not open during baking so as not to leave. Enjoy your meal!


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