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Cornulete in two colors (Cornulete in doua culori)

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Cornulete in two colors Ingredients

Ingredients: Dough: Yeast as a walnut, 300ml milk, 200 ml oil, 2-3 Ling. sugar, 2-3 sachets vanilla sugar, flour 1kg. Mix all the dough is not given, prepare for that leavens the oven immediately. PT.UMPLUT: you can use ground nuts made with sugar or coconut, the choice to use pote shit, Finetti, marmalade, etc.. PT. SYRUP: 1 cup sugar 1 cup water, let boil until the sugar melts from heat, allow to cool slightly

Cornulete in two colors Preparation

Cooking: Mix all well, must obtain a softer dough. Dough into 2 equal parts, one part will remain yellow, and the second part put three lick cocoa, cocoa mix well. Since both sides are equal seven balls, which spread like a pancake. The first covers a ball over her brown and one yellow, cut into 8 parts pancake filled with what is desired, the shape of cornulet, bake. After being baked, allow to cool slightly, then give the syrup and sprinkle over the nuts or unsweetened coconut simple. Good appetite!


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