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Soup of boiled calf (Ciorbita din rasol de vitel)

Execution time and complexity: 2 hours (medium complexity)

Soup of boiled calf Ingredients

Ingredients: - 6 pieces of sliced ​​boiled veal bone - 1 carrot - 1 parsnip - 1 small celery - 1 onion - 4-5 potatoes - 3 tablespoons tomato paste - 1 liter soup - salt , pepper, thyme - fresh lovage, parsley;

Soup of boiled calf Preparation

Cooking: 1. Wash meat, place in bowl of boiled water to make enough to cover rasolurile and salt, 2. Keep a few boiled to give out foam, flowing water, rinse the pieces of meat, 3. sit and boil, with other water and simmer one hour, 4. clean vegetables, chop and add to pot 5. longer let boil 20 minutes, add tomato paste, and after 10 minutes borsch, 6. to boil, chop the green and stops; Serve with sour cream and pepper. Enjoy your meal!


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