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Pork Soup hammers (Ciorbita de ciocanele de porc)

Execution time and complexity: 3h 30 min (medium complexity)

Pork Soup hammers Ingredients

Ingredients: - 6 feet pork - pork Raso 2 - 1 carrot - 1 parsnip - 1 root of parsley - 1 onion - 1 small celery - bay leaves, peppercorns, salt. repaired for use: - 500 g cream - 4 eggs;

Pork Soup hammers Preparation

Cooking: 1. Put in a bigger pot and cleaned and washed ciocanelele rasoalele sliced, 2. Cover with boiling water and give rise to foam 3. Discard water and calesc and placed them in the pot and a new water 4 After about 1 hour boil add the vegetables clean and let boil until meat falls off the bone easily, 5 . Remove legs and rasoalele cooked, let cool, clean the bones, cut into small pieces and placed back into the pot of strained juice, 6. It is also given in some hot, matching salt and pepper and allow to cool 7. Getting ready to paint cream with the yolks, beat well and add to soup warm but not hot; 8. Serve with garlic sauce, vinegar and pepper stung. Enjoy your meal!


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