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Chicken soup with cream (Ciorba de pui cu smantana)

Complexity and execution time: 45 minutes (low complexity)

Chicken soup with cream Ingredients

Ingredients: A boneless chicken breast, a jar of cream with high fat, a link parsley, a tablespoon of oil, a carrot, a celery (root medium), 2 red onions, two peppers (Vereda and red), salt , noodles.

Chicken soup with cream Preparation

Cooking: Onions very finely chop. Celery and grated morcul are given to small. Peppers to heel too. Place these ingredients in a saucepan to boil 5 liters water envelope. Why put more water in the first place? For the vegetables to the soup taste throughout. During boiling vegetables cut chicken into cubes. When vegetables are half cooked add the chicken and oil markets. Boil the soup well. Towards the end add noodles. When ready to opeste fire, leaving five minutes longer and add cream. Sour cream is added after 5 minutes nurturing consistency. Add finely chopped parsley then. Soup bowls are hot servesre special with a little pepper, garlic sauce, and pepper you prefer. Pepper, green and red, carrot, red onion will give the soup a nice, combination of colors is absolutely necessary in preparing any dish. As these soups taste and appearance is excellent.


Monk soup Ciorba Calugaresca
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