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Tripe-restaurant recipe (Ciorba de burta- reteta de restaurant)

Execution time and complexity: 2 to 3 h (low complexity)

Tripe-restaurant recipe Ingredients

Ingredients: 1.5 kg belly, 1-2 onions, 1 large or 2 small carrots, yogurt, 500g, 200g sour cream, 1 large red paprika, 2 egg yolks, 5-6 lg oil, parsley, vinegar, salt, pepper

Tripe-restaurant recipe Preparation

Cooking: In a pot belly washed and cleaned is placed in previously boiled water with salt (or can be prepared and cooked belly, is found in trade). When cooked the onion in half place in April and simmer until the belly is soft. Remove the stomach and strain the soup, then put to boil in saucepan and possibly longer Fill with water. Belly cut cubes or Julien, first streaks of 3-4 cm and then sliced ​​tenuous. Separately on grated carrot laugh with tiny eyes and put quality in oil over low heat until they soften and gain color yellow oil to drip a little oil eventually if deemed necessary. Red peppers cut into cubes and put in soup with belly cut, cook until peppers soften add the carrots and let it boil a bit then remove from heat. Mix yogurt, sour cream, egg yolks and flavor soup. Place vinegar for sour taste, salt and pepper to serving sprinkle finely chopped parsley.


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