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Tripe Bucovina (Ciorba de burta bucovineana)

Execution time and complexity: 6 hours (high plexi COM 2000)

Tripe Bucovina Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 kg beef tripe (calf), bones with marrow, 2 onions, 2 green pepper, 4 carrots? celery with leaves, four yolks, cream 200g, 200g yogurt, juice and zest from? lemon, vinegar and garlic sauce

Tripe Bucovina Preparation

Cooking: Clean good belly with salt and more water and then give a few boiled with 2 tablespoons of baking. (You can use the belly of the trade, ready clean). Rinse again and put to boil in cold water, the bones and onion for about 5 hours at very low heat. Then just add it? celery leaves and 2 sliced ​​carrots. After you have cooked, remove vegetables from the soup bones and stomach. Who likes, add to soup and bone marrow. Belly cut into strips, then passes through a sieve vegetables and juice resulting paste is inserted in which they boiled. If soup is too thick, add more hot water. Place cooked and cut into pot belly, mix sour cream with 200g yoghurt 200g and 4 yolks. May give the menial grated raw carrots 2 chopped red pepper and 2 and I Calima in little oil, then mix them with sour cream and yogurt. After cooler soup, a cream flavor, adding the juice and peel? lemon and vinegar and garlic sauce. Serve with hot pepper and white bread from home.


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