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Cherry Wine (Cherry Wine)

Complexity and execution time: 30 minutes (low complexity)

Cherry Wine Ingredients

Ingredients: L 1500 red wine, 1 l 87 degrees alcohol, 750 ml cherry syrup, white syrup 200 ml, 30 ml cherry essence. White Syrup: 450 ml water, 1 kg sugar juice from 1 / 2 lemon (resulting thick syrup 1l).

Cherry Wine Preparation

Cooking: Prepare as white syrup: sugar water warms up starts to boil. After 2 boiled add lemon juice. Stir immediately. It spumuieste. Boil for 5 minutes at medium heat. Remove from heat and let cool 10 minutes. Filter hot. Thus prepared, you can keep any cold without spoiling. Next, mix the syrup (200 ml) with the above ingredients. Shake well. Allow 24 hours to get between these components. Drink as an aperitif.


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