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Peasant Potatoes (Cartofi taranesti)

Execution time and complexity: 1 / 2 hour. (Medium complexity)

Peasant Potatoes Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 kg. potatoes, 2-3 onions, 500 gr. smoked bacon, mild, oil, salt.

Peasant Potatoes Preparation

Cooking: Boil potatoes in skin but be a little hard when you stick a fork in them, after cooling, clean, cut into four and then all the potatoes in half and fry in the fryer if possible (so come May crispy) , with a pan fry onions with bacon strips cut himself. Remove the potatoes and mix with the pan is placed gently prajeala, salt to taste. Go serve both as basic food and as a garnish to the roast. Are delicious, we guarantee.


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