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Sheaths cans of beans (with pods) (CONSERVA DE FASOLE TECI (PASTAI ))

Complexity and execution time: 2.5 hours (low complexity)

Sheaths cans of beans (with pods) Ingredients

Ingredients: 4kg-5kg beans, red beans, 100 grams sugar 50 grams salt 10 to 15 knots parsley leaves

Sheaths cans of beans (with pods) Preparation

Cooking: Peel Moat pods and break in two, the tomato seeds give the machine separately. Bring to the boil in a pot pods, tomatoes salt and sugar. Boil until tender pods, then take off the heat and add parsley. Mix well and put in jars of 800gr. (Attention-jars to fill up his shoulders), put caps, then put on low heat oven for 1 hour for sterilization.


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