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Pickles from the Sun (curdled) (CASTRAVETI murati la Soare(covasiti ))

Complexity and execution time: 20 minutes (low complexity)

Pickles from the Sun (curdled) Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 kg medium cucumber, dill sprigs 10 green, 3 tablespoons salt peak, 4-5 cloves garlic, 1 hot pepper, horseradish root (optional), bread.

Pickles from the Sun (curdled) Preparation

Cooking: In an jar 3 l of horseradish twigs and sit half the horseradish root. Wash cucumbers and cut their heads. It cresteaza then 4 in a cross. Cucumbers are placed vertically in jar, add salt and garlic sits between clean cucumbers, bell peppers cut in half and remaining horseradish. Add a little warm water and place over a slice of bread. Jar is placed in the sun, covered with a lid (plates) for 2 days. Then throw the bread and put the jar in the shade. You can serve. Who wants cucumbers May acres let them again one day in the sun.


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