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Brinzoaice (dough cake) (Brinzoaice (aluat pentru cozonac))

Execution time and complexity: 2 hours (medium complexity)

Brinzoaice (dough cake) Ingredients

Ingredients: dough: 1 kg flour 125 g high quality sugar 2 eggs 50g butter, melted and cooled 750ml milk filling a cube of yeast 500 g sugar 100 g cow cheese 1 sachet vanilla sugar 100 g raisins soaked in rum made a -2 eggs, lemon zest from 1 egg beaten for anointed above

Brinzoaice (dough cake) Preparation

Cooking: 30-40 minutes Knead dough and let dough another 40-50 minutes. Place the dough on the table and then Knead 2-3 minutes longer. Cover and let dough 15 minutes. Then spread a sheet thickness of 2 cm and cut into squares about 12 cm side or how big you want to be brinzoaicele. With a spoon filled with cream cheese brinzoaicele, bring the 4 corners to the middle of dough and place in greased pan. Brush with beaten egg brinzoaicele and give the oven to bake. Out about 20 pieces. This dough can be used and the preparation of two cakes, which can be filled with what you want!


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