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Baked Eihaschee Recipe

Baked Eihaschee

Recipe Ingredients for Baked Eihaschee

6 St Eggs
20 g Fat
20 g Flour
0 19 l
Broth 0
13 l sour cream or milk
100 grams Ham
1 tsp Capers
some Salt
some grated cheese
some Pat of butter

Baked Eihaschee Recipe Directions

Hard boil the eggs and peel.

Of fat and flour a roux ready, remove the broth.

Then, cream or milk, add the diced ham and eggs, capers and salt to taste, well, fill in 6 ramekins, sprinkle with grated cheese, butter flakes in the oven and put on not too keen on crusts.

10 minutes at 260 degrees convection p>


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