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Asparagus with tarragon sauce Recipe

Asparagus with tarragon sauce , Asparagus with tarragon sauce ingredients , Asparagus with tarragon sauce preparation,Asparagus with tarragon sauce recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Asparagus with tarragon sauce

Asparagus with tarragon sauce ingredients:

2 kg Asparagus
1 kg new potatoes
500 ml Vegetable broth
One Bch Light cream cheese (5% fat)
1 / 2 Bch Sour cream
1 / 2 bunch Tarragon
some Sugar
some Gravy
200 ml dry white wine
some medium-hot mustard
some Salt and white pepper
some Butter

Asparagus with tarragon sauce Recipe Directions

Asparagus with tarragon sauce preparation:

Peel asparagus heads can not hurt. Rods cut about the same length. Bind to four equal-sized packets. In a large pot (preferably a pot with basket insert) of water to a boil, add some butter, salt and sugar. Standing asparagus (asparagus heads should protrude from the water) approximately 20 minutes with the lid closed until al dente.

Brush potatoes and cook.

Tarragon wash, pluck off leaves. Heat the vegetable stock has dissolved, add cream cheese, stir until it is. Add a little gravy thickener, up to the desired viscosity (Wine just adds) and boil again. Now stir in tarragon, then add wine and cream, not boil. Season with salt, pepper and mustard.

Ready unpeeled potatoes in a pan frying pan with a little butter and salt. Depending on an "asparagus package" per person on a plate. Potatoes and gravy rich to do so.


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