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Arabela (Arabela)

Complexity and execution time: 60 minutes (medium complexity)

Arabela Ingredients

Ingredients: Ingredients dough: white boy -6 -1 -6 tablespoons sugar -1 cup of shit colored cup roasted chopped walnuts -6 to 7 tablespoons flour baking powder -1 -2 wafer sheets (Lica) Cream Ingredients: - 6 yellow envelopes vanilla -2 -6 -250 gr tablespoons sugar. butter or margarine, vanilla -1

Arabela Preparation

Cooking: Prepare dough: Beat the six white boy hard with 6 tablespoons sugar plus cup of shit, the cup walnuts 6-7 tablespoons flour and baking powder. Pour into a greased and upholstered and bake at medium heat. Cream Preparation: 6 yellow beat bath 6 Liguria sugar and vanilla until thick two. When cool add the butter foam scrubbing. Take a sheet of wafer is put half the cream over the dough is placed over the top lies the other half of the cream from the other sheet of wafer is placed. You can leave it or pote do a chocolate glaze that is poured over him.


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