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Appenzeller pie

Appenzeller pie

Ingredients for Appenzeller pie

300 grams Small potatoes
100 grams Onions
1 tbsp Butter
some Salt
some Black pepper
250 grams Appenzeller Recent
250 grams Small apples
1 Pk Cake (2 rolls) rolled out a rectangle
1 pc Yolk
1 tbsp Cream

Appenzeller pie Directions

The potatoes unpeeled not covered in too much water to cook just tender. Meanwhile, peel the onions, halved and cut into thin slices. Fry in hot butter for about five minutes. With a little salt and plenty of pepper spice. Set aside.

The potatoes to cool slightly, then peel and cut into thin slices; best way is to use the egg slicer. Season the potatoes with salt and pepper sparingly. Rind from the cheese and cut into thin slices. Peel the apples into quarters, remove the core and slice the fruit into thin slices.

A baking tray with baking paper evidence. The first rolling pin to interpret. The prepared ingredients - potatoes, onions, cheese and apples - in layers about 15cm wide layers of longitudinally on it. The second set rolling pin on cutting back the edges to about 2cm, then roll to the inside and press firmly with a fork. The pie dough residues at will decorate with.

Mix egg yolk and cream and brush the pie with it. The pie in a preheated oven at 200 degrees to the second lowest groove-five or forty minutes until, darkens the surface too quickly, cover with aluminum foil. Serve hot.


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