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Muscle meat appetizer with spicy (Aperitiv picant cu muschi file)

Execution time and complexity: 2 hours (low complexity)

Muscle meat appetizer with spicy Ingredients

Ingredients: - 1 kg loin - 2 bay leaves - a few grains of pepper - 200 ml vinegar - 2 liters of water - 50 g salt for garnish: - 10 g cayenne pepper - 1 clove garlic - 10 g pepper - 10 g salt - 10 ml juice to boil;

Muscle meat appetizer with spicy Preparation

Cooking: 1. Take file shaped muscle and is inserted into the juice made from vinegar, water, salt, bay leaves and pepper and let boil about 1 hour, then remove and coat with the composition for decorated. 2. Ornate composition is made from cayenne pepper, garlic, pepper, salt and lemon in broth, 3. Allow to cool slightly, then rub all over with this mixture, good appetite! Note: It is a great appetizer for Christmas dinner, served with mustard or horseradish, and for any other festive meal of the year!


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